Tectyl 884 Float Coat – Corrosion Preventive Oil

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Tectyl 884 Float Coat – Corrosion inhibiting, rust retarding floatation oil

Tectyl 884 is a corrosion inhibiting, rust retarding floatation oil. The film is heavy, oily, and transparent.

Intended Use of Tectyl 884 Float Coat – Corrosion Preventive

Tectyl 884 is intended for use in tanks used for salt water ballast. Tectyl 884 floats on the ballast water and deposits itself as a protective coating on adjacent tank surfaces during ballasting and deballasting operations.

Application Use of Tectyl 884 Float Coat

  • The initial application of Tectyl 884 should be sufficient to provide a 3/4 inch (19 mm) layer of compound floating on the surface.
  • A thicker layer is desirable if tanks are severely rusted.
  • To insure complete coverage of the tank’s bottom and overhead plating, Tectyl 884 should be pumped on these. areas.
  • The remaining compound shall be added into the tank through manholes or access hatches.
  • A minimum of three ballasting cycles shall be made with one hour between the end of one operation and the
    beginning of the next.
  • For correct maintenance of treated tanks, it is necessary that a 1/4 inch (6.35 mm) layer of compound remains on the surface of the ballast water when the tank is almost full.
  • Treated tanks should be ballasted at least once every three months to ensure re-application of the compound to areas which have become bare due to rust scale falling off and taking absorbed compound with it.

Qualifications/Specifications Met: 
Military Specification MIL-R-21006, Amd. 2


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