Tectyl 828 Gun Slushing Compound – Corrosion Preventive

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Tectyl 828 Gun Slushing Compound – Corrosion Preventive

Tectyl 828 is a high solids, hot application corrosion preventive compound which provides an effective barrier against atmospheric corrosion. Tectyl 828 conforms to MIL-PRF-18487A gun slushing compound specification.

Application Tectyl 828 Gun Slushing Compound

  • Tectyl 828 is formulated to be used as supplied.
  • Ensure uniform consistency prior to use.
  • Continuous stirring is not generally required.
  • DO NOT THIN TECTYL 828. Incorrect thinning will affect film build, application temperature, and product performance.
  • Tectyl 828 should be applied to clean, dry metal surfaces in the molten state be hot airless spray or dip at 155 to 190°F (68.3 to 87.3°C).
  • Tectyl 828 can also be applied at warm temperatures by brush or swab.

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