Tectyl 603 Corrosion Preventive – Water Emulsifiable

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Tectyl 603 Corrosion Preventive – Water Emulsifiable

Tectyl 603 is a polymeric, water emulsifiable corrosion preventive. It is specially formulated for coating phosphated and painted parts such as hinges, bolts, screws, brackets, fasteners, etc. Tectyl 603 contains a special additive system which provides a durable, self-healing, corrosion resistant film. The concentrated coating is an amber liquid. The cured film is clear and transparent.

Benefits of Tectyl 603 Corrosion Preventive

Easy Application: Tectyl 603 is applied as a water emulsion. It is normally applied in a dipping operation.

Long-Term Protection: Tectyl 603 deposits a self-healing film on phosphated parts and components that provides salt spray protection superior to conventional water soluble rust preventive oils. Phosphated parts coated with an emulsion of 20 percent Tectyl 603 and 80 percent water will pass the 240 hour salt spray test requirement of the General Motors 6035-M phosphating specification. The maximum protection of Tectyl 603 can only be obtained when applied to properly phosphated components. Tectyl 603 will not compensate for inadequate phosphating.

Adequate phosphating per the General Motors 6035-M specification is 2,000 – 3,000 milligrams of zinc phosphate per square foot of coating area.

Application of Tectyl 603 Corrosion Preventive

  1. Charge tank with de-ionized water.
  2. Begin mixing and bring water temperature to 140 – 160°F (60 – 71°C).
  3. Add Tectyl 603 slowly, with agitation, to develop a 20 percent emulsion. WHEN MIXING, ALWAYS ADD TECTYL 603 TO THE WATER, NEVER IN REVERSE ORDER.
  4. The Tectyl 603 emulsion The Tectyl temperature at the time of initial fill and application should be 140 – 160°F (60 71°C).
  5. Mechanical agitation (not air) is required at all times.


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