Tectyl 300G Amber Corrosion Preventive Coating

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Tectyl 300G (Amber) Corrosion Preventive Coating, Waterborne

Tectyl 300G (Transparent Amber is a waterborne corrosion preventive coating. The cured film is hard and flexible. Tectyl 300G provides an effective barrier against corrosive environments for ferrous and non-ferrous fabrications and industrial components.

Application of Tectyl 300G (Amber) Corrosion Preventive Coating, Waterborne

  • Tectyl 300G Transparent Amber is formulated to be used as supplied.
  • Ensure uniform consistency prior to use.
  • Continued stirring is generally not required.
  • If the product thickens due to cold storage or loss of water and coalescing solvent during use, contact Daubert Chemical Company.
  • DO NOT THIN TECTYL 300G Transparent Amber. Incorrect thinning will affect film build, dry time and product performance.
  • Daubert Chemical Company recommends that the ambient and product temperature be 50 – 95°F (10 – 35°C) at time of application.
  • Tectyl 300G Transparent Amber can be airless spray or dip applied.
  • DO NOT FREEZE TECTYL 300G Transparent Amber.
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