Royco HF-825 Synthetic Assembly Fluid



Royco HF-825 Synthetic Assembly Fluid

Royco HF-825 is a concentrated solution of methacrylate polymer in synthetic diester based oil, which provides lubricity, and at the same time, a “tacky” film. Royco HF-825 is ashless as well so it will not cause deposits or coke formation in the oil – wetted sections of engines or hydraulic systems.

Intended Use of Royco HF-825 Synthetic Assembly Fluid

  • Royco HF-825 is used as an assembly aid to “stick – hold” parts together in multi-component mechanisms such as gearboxes, pumps, and engine accessories.
  • Royco HF-825 is also used to “wet out” or lubricate O-rings prior to pressing them into cavities thus preventing chafing or tearing of the O-ring surface. Because HF-825 is commonly used as a viscosity index improver in many lubricating oils, there is no cause for compatibility concerns when used in contact with the oil-wetted areas of the lube system.
  • Royco HF-825 is currently used by most major airframe and engine manufacturers and is qualified to part numbers by GE, Pratt and Whitney, Rolls-Royce Allison, among others.


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