Royco 64 Grease

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Royco 64 Grease

Royco 64 is a lithium-12 hydroxy stearate thickened grease formulated with microfine molybdenum disulfide and a thermally stable ester based synthetic oil. Modem additives are utilized to provide high load carrying, rust and oxidation protection, EP performance, and shear stability. Microfine particles of “Moly” adhere and penetrate metal surfaces thereby providing lubrication and anti-seize protection even when the oil component is removed or there is a possibility of inadequate lubrication due to mechanical spread out of the lubricant.

Intended Use of Royco 64 Grease

  • Royco 64 is designed for use on sliding steel on steel surfaces and low to moderate speed anti-friction bearings carrying high unit loads.
  • ROYCO 64 is especially recommended for use in extreme low temperature (-1000F) and high temperatures up to 275°F.
  • ***PLEASE NOTE: AEROSHELL GREASE 33MS also meets spec MIL-G-21164D and is typically IN-STOCK. Please click on the link below for current pricing.

Qualifications/Specifications Met of Royco 64 Grease

 MIL-G-21164D, NATO Code G-353

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