Performance Plus R&O Oils


Performance Plus R&O Oils

Performance Plus R&O Oils contain rust and oxidation inhibition (R&O) chemistry in a high paraffinic, high saturates base oil. These oils are highly suitable for use in circulating and hydraulic systems where oils are used for long periods of time. In addition to the rust and oxidation inhibition, these oils also exhibit excellent water demulsibility and anti-foam characteristics

Features and Benefits of Performance Plus R&O Oils

  • Provide superior service in industrial gear applications requiring rust and oxidation inhibited lubricants.
  • Limit fluid oxidation, protects seals, permits quick fluid/water separation, and controls foaming during severe agitation.

Applications of Performance Plus R&O Oils

Performance Plus R&O Oils can be used in both mobile and stationary hydraulic equipment as well as applications requiring an R&O oil for gear box and speed reducer lubrication, giving service flexibility and minimized lubricant inventory. Additional uses are airline lubricators, vacuum pumps, select heat transfer, turbines, as well as general lubrication applications where R&O (rust and oxidation inhibited) oils are specified.

The foundation of Performance Plus Oils are Kleen Performance Products hydro-treated high VI base oils.


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