Pennzoil Motorcycle Motor Oil 20W-50

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Pennzoil Motorcycle Motor Oil 20W-50

PENNZOIL MOTORCYCLE MOTOR OILS 20W-50 are premium quality lubricants specially designed to protect motorcycle engines. They are formulated with a unique additive package chosen for exceptional wear protection, sludge and varnish resistance, and thermal stability. A special anti-foaming agent is included to reduce foaming and air entrainment at high engine speeds. This is particularly critical in high speed motorcycle engines, which can reach 12,000 rpm. Many motorcycles use the same oil for both the engine and transmission. Transmission gears place extremely high stress on the lubricating oil which can cause viscosity breakdown.

Pennzoil Motorcycle Motor Oil 20W-50 is formulated to resist this stress and provide outstanding protection against viscosity breakdown. When all these components are combined with Pennzoil’s high quality petroleum base stocks, the result is a premium quality motor oil that meets the specific demands of motorcycle engines.

Applications of Pennzoil Motorcycle Motor Oil 20W-50

PENNZOIL MOTORCYCLE MOTOR OIL can be used in all 4-stroke motorcycle engines, including racing, high performance, street, and off road motorcycles. It can also be used in motorcycle transmissions when an API SF, SG, or SH motor oil is required.

Benefits of Pennzoil Motorcycle Motor Oil 20W-50

  • Exceeds warranty requirements for BMW Harley-Davidson, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, and Yamaha, where API SH or SG oil is recommended
  • Reduces heat, friction, and wear
  • Gives excellent protection for transmissions and wet clutches
  • Helps reduce foaming and air-entrainment in high speed engines
  • Provides excellent protection for air cooled engines
  • Multi-grade formula allows easier cold starts while maintaining high temperature film strength
  • Outstanding protection against thermal and viscosity breakdown
  • Protects against piston/cylinder scuffing
  • Exceeds API service classifications SH/SG
  • Licensed for JASO MA (1998)


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