Anderol S 100 Rotary Compressor Lubricant



Anderol S 100 Rotary Compressor Lubricant

Anderol S 100 compressor lubricant is formulated from synergistic blends of severely hydro treated, hydrocracked hydrocarbon base fluids coupled with a unique, new, high performance additive package that gives the performance of synthetic oils at far less the price. It is compatible with mineral and PAO oils.

Intended Use of Anderol S 100 Rotary Compressor Lubricant

  • Oil flooded rotary screw and vane compressors
  • Centrifugal compressors.
  • Other applications requiring an oxidation resistant lubricant.
  • Normal operating Temperature range: -20°C to 180°C.

Advantages of Anderol S 100 Rotary Compressor Lubricant

  • Fewer oil changes
  • Very high oxidative and thermal stability
  • Higher system operating temperatures and lower start temperature
  • Compatible with mineral oils and elastomers common to mineral oil systems
  • Lower oil consumption
  • Lower fluid cost per operating hour.

Benefits of Anderol S 100 Rotary Compressor Lubricant

  • Eliminate seasonal oil changes
  • Superb deposit and sludge control
  • Power savings over conventional oil (up to 4%)
  • Reduced maintenance and parts costs
  • Extend drain intervals
  • Compatible with most synthetics including PAO’s and esters


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Weight460 lbs


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