Anderol 3057M Synthetic Compressor Oil

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Anderol 3057M Synthetic Compressor Oil

Anderol 3057M is a PAO-based compressor lubricant that was designed to provide long-term lubrication of both
rotary-vane and oil-flooded screw compressors.

The Anderol 3057M wax-free lubricant provides excellent industrial air compression under severe service conditions. The outstanding thermal and oxidation stability properties of the Anderol 3057M also make it a preferred lubricant for maximum service life and minimum deposits in high temperature turbo charger bearings.

Extreme temperatures can frequently lead to the coking of lesser quality mineral and synthetic lubricants. The Anderol 3057M’s viscosity index of 136 helps to assure further protection by resisting objectionable thinning of the lubricant viscosity in these extremely hot bearings.

Intended Use of Anderol 3057M Synthetic Compressor Oil

  • Anderol 3057M is recommended for rotary screw and vane compressors, it is also compatible with all metals used in compressor construction, and with conventional mineral oil-based lubricants.
  • The Anderol 3057M is not intended for compressors used in breathing air applications..

Qualifications/Specifications Met by Anderol 3057M Synthetic Compressor Oil

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