Aeroshell Oil W 65-55 Gallon Drum

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Aeroshell Oil W 65-55 Gallon Drum

AeroShell Oil W Single Grade Oils are premium ashless dispersant lubricating oils for 4-Stroke cycle certificated aircraft piston engines. They have been proven in billions of engine hours around the world, including service in fuel-injected and turbocharged engines. These widely accepted oils contain a carefully selected additive combination that produces high viscosity index, dispersancy, oxidation stability and antifoam properties. These additives leave no metallic ash in the combustion chamber.

Intended Use of Aeroshell Oil W 65-55 Gallon Drum

 • Four-stroke cycle certificated aircraft reciprocating piston engines, including fuel-injected and turbocharged (Where a MIL-L-22851 or SAE J 1899 oil is specified)

• aviation radial engines

• Lycoming and Continental flat aviation engines

• not recommended for use in automotive engines converted to aircraft

Qualifications/Specifications Met by Aeroshell Oil W 65-55 Gallon Drum

• Teledyne Continental MHS No. 24B

• Lycoming No. 301-F

• former MIL-L-22851D

• SAE J-1899

• Pratt and Whitney Service Bulletin No. 1183-S

• Curtiss-Wright

• Franklin Engine Company


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